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Autumn Gifts Workshop – 19 November 10-12.30pm

Join Michelle and Kirsten to explore the gifts of autumn. During this workshop you will be guided through 90 minutes of writing for wellbeing, using poetry, followed by 1 hour of blissful yin yoga and meditation.

Kirsten Jack is an award -winning nurse educator with a passion for writing for wellbeing. Kirsten’s aim is to support people to explore their thoughts and feelings using poetry and journal writing. This can lead to increased self knowledge, self- development and wellbeing.
Kirsten is a certified journal to the self -instructor, creative psychotherapist in training and is pursuing accreditation as a poetry therapist with the International Federation of Biblio/Poetry therapy.

Michelle Croston has been immersed in the world of yoga since 2010, after stumbling across the healing power of yoga following a series of martial arts injuries. After falling in love with yoga, Michelle trained in hatha yoga, yin yoga and trauma sensitive yoga. Michelle is also a registered nurse and crisis counsellor. Michelle’s clinical background is in providing care for
people living with HIV and is where her passion for psychological wellbeing started. Michelle has a wealth of practical and academic experience that she brings to her yoga practice and teachings.

Investment: £26