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Yin Yoga with Justine 7-9pm 1st Sunday of each month

In Yin yoga, we target the joints and deep connective tissues of the bodythrough a series of passive floor poses held for around 3 minutes or more.Yin Yoga can be the gateway to a meditation practice. Where does themind go during the long holds? We have the opportunity to

Happy Hips Yoga Morning Sat 26th Sept 10-1pm

How does spending 3 hours all to yourself sound? Fantastic! Yes I thought so!! Karen will devote this workshop to your hips so you can move freely, walk with grace & leave with a smile after a nourishing yoga nidra (15 mins of total relaxation)

Yotism Training Weekend 25-27 September

Yotism is a specialised sensory yoga approach designed to support the learning, development, emotional and mental health needs of people on the autism spectrum or other related symptoms. We want to offer each individual the opportunity to live in as much harmony and potential as