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Children’s Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training

This is a 3 day course and gives you all the information you need to transfer your knowledge of yoga into teaching our future generation. You'll learn how to teach through the story telling, song, dance, games and numerous creative ways. Giving you the chance

Yoga Foundation Course Online (10 months)

This is a 60 hour Yoga Foundation Course for curious yoga practitioners and wannabe yoga teachers. One Saturday a month over ten months 9am-3pm online. This monthly offering offers time for you to embody the knowledge and start to 'live' yoga. Chelsea Canovas (from our

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

This comprehensive training for yoga teachers and trainee teachers, will lead you through the full spectrum of teaching pregnant women and holding the space, facilitated by Janine Hurley, Yoga therapist, birth doula, trauma therapist and hypnotherapist with years of teaching pregnant ladies in many diverse

Slowdown Saturday Session with Karen Saturday 25 September 10 -1pm

Slowdown Saturdays-our monthly mini-retreat Un-wind Un-furl Un-dulate Un-do Re-set Re-nourish Re-connect Join Karen on an exploration based around the fluidity of your body,  connecting body & breath. If you are feeling overwhelm or just wanting some wonderful feeling movement, this is right up your street.

Yin Yoga with Justine 7-9pm 1st Sunday of each month

In Yin yoga, we target the joints and deep connective tissues of the bodythrough a series of passive floor poses held for around 3 minutes or more.Yin Yoga can be the gateway to a meditation practice. Where does themind go during the long holds? We have the opportunity to