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Webinar – The Wonderful World of Yoga Teacher Training

Come along and join us for this free webinar and find out about our Yoga Teacher Training Course. Maybe you’ve been thinking of a change in direction.Maybe you want to deepen your connection with yoga on a personal level. Maybe you’re looking for more information Or maybe

Saturday Morning Mini-Retreat

✨Karen and Bridget’s monthly mini-retreat will be a real treat for your body/mind ✨We’ll be settling into a slow & steady rhythm. Joy will be at the heart of the session 🥰 What yoga poses or movements bring you joy? If you let Karen know,

Monthly Sunday Soul Sessions with Ellen

Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice? No, not like that. Don’t worry!There won’t be headstand in sight here, and this class is suitable for all levels.Sunday Soul Sessions are a chance for us to come together to move, breathe, and explore the depths

Yin Yoga with Justine 7-9pm 1st Sunday of each month

In Yin yoga, we target the joints and deep connective tissues of the bodythrough a series of passive floor poses held for around 3 minutes or more.Yin Yoga can be the gateway to a meditation practice. Where does themind go during the long holds? We have the opportunity to

Calming Saturday Morning Mini-Retreat 14 Nov with Karen

What do you need to cut through the chaos/uncertainty/anxiety that is swirling around us all right now? 🤔Can you find inner calmness to cut through the storms? 😊This Mini-Retreat will be 3 hours of self-indulgent movements so you can find some inner calm. 🥰Karen will