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Goddess Power Ecstatic Dance Party – Friday 9 June 7-9pm

Goddess Power Ecstatic Dance Party
Movement is medicine! This women’s ecstatic dance event will awaken you to your inner goddess, and leave you feeling more enlivened, invigorated, and joyful!

Come and experience the collective power of women gathering, soul connection, cleansing breath work, joyful intuitive movement, and the heart opening plant medicine, Full Power Cacao, combined.

What to expect?

Cacao opening ceremony

Heart opening breath-work

Guided chakra movement journey

Ecstatic dance

What is Full Power Cacao?

Full Power Cacao is a gentle, heart opening medicine that we will open this gathering with, to allow us to enter into a more blissful, open and ecstatic energy. Lady Cacao helps us release what no longer serves us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. With her we will move in this journey together to shake, move, breath, cry, laugh, dance, release anything that is ready to be cleared cleansed and purified, so that we can fully step into our own Goddess Power.

About the facilitator

Claire is a women’s empowerment coach and space holder, working with archetypal Goddess energies to raise the collective divine feminine consciousness at this time.

Her spiritual awakening has led her on the rose path where her calling is to empower women and connect them to their own inner goddess, through soul enquiry, re-connection to menstrual and moon cycles and space holding in women’s circles. She trained as a Full Power cacao ceremony facilitator and is now bringing this beautiful plant medicine into her women’s empowerment events.

Connect with Claire on Instagram @the.geeky.goddess

What to bring:

Large bottle of water

Dress in loose, comfortable clothing for free movement – this can be your PJs, yoga gear or a floaty Goddess dress – come as you feel, all is welcome! Just ensure you’re able to move freely.

An open heart, mind and body!

Exchange: £22