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Gong Zen Gong Bath Sunday 10 Sept 8-9pm

To understand how sound healing works it is useful to know that everything in creation is actually energy vibrating at different frequencies. At one end of the spectrum rocks vibrate at very low frequencies and at the other spectrum light vibrates at very high frequencies.
Everything in the universe is a vibrating energy! As humans we are made up of 70% of water and water is a very good conductor of sound .
When we bathe in sound our bodies respond to the sound made , different areas of our bodies vibrate at different frequencies the sound locks in or entrains those vibrations to vibrate at the same frequency . Thus bringing harmony and healing to every part of our bodies. If we have stagnant ( stuck energy) or an an imbalance with in us the vast array of sound in particular the Gong will stimulate cells to vibrate in sympathy and intern those cells will be tuned up ! Helping the body to relax , de stress meditate and encourage spiritual growth.

Investment: £20

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