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Hypnosis occurs naturally every day of your life!

Hypnosis occurs naturally every day of your life!

Have you ever become so engrossed in something you were doing that you were unaware of your surroundings, such as driving on a motorway late at night, daydreaming, becoming engrossed in a book or film, or that wonderful moment just before you fall into a deep sleep! That is hypnosis, a completely natural trance like state.

During hypnosis you will feel deeply relaxed, but engaged, alert and focused. In this relaxed state you become responsive and receptive to new ideas and open to change. You will be totally in control and actively engaged at all times! Hypnosis is a useful tool for powerful life change.

No one can be hypnotised unless they actively want to enter the state of hypnosis, the mind is extraordinarily clever like that, but when we actively help it come aboard we can access a wealth of inner resources, change unhelpful patterns of behaviour and create a new more positive approach to life.

At Creative Calm we devise packages to suit your environment, from training Midwifes to use hypnotherapy within a clinical setting, to police officers using mindfulness and techniques to calm. Please get in touch and we can tailor make to your requirements.

Current Courses
Beyond HypnoBirthing – Intergrating Powerful Hypnotherapeutic Techniques & Language Skills into Clinical & Personal Practice
This is a 3 day course tailor made course for Midwifes developed by Lynne Tomlinson and Janine Hurley from Creative Calm. The training will teach you how to work flexibly with clients in a variety of settings. Every technique is inherently hypnotic, which will enhance your current skill set and enable you to work creatively and intuitively, working towards fostering self-care and comfort for you and the woman in your care.
From the initial booking in, to holding space in a variety of environments, you will gain the skills to calm and empower woman to access their own inner resources through hypnotherapy and breath techniques. We will provide structured plans to run hypnotherapy style workshops for birth on an individual and group basis. You will learn techniques to work therapeutically, offering skills for pain management, birth and the postnatal period, including hypnotherapy for debriefing birth and breastfeeding support.
It has been designed so that you can create your own package of powerful, respectful techniques -whether as part of a structured course for pregnant/birthing women, as a standalone or brief intervention to soothe and calm, or in more challenging clinical/emergency situations.
During the course you will gain an understanding of how to create rapport, work with and use appropriate language, foster resilience and minimise or work through trauma. It has been designed so that you can create your own package of powerful, respectful more challenging clinical/emergency situations

For bookings please send a contact request.

Incorporating Hypnotherapy within Pregnancy Yoga classes.
This course offers a 3 day training for pregnancy yoga teachers to integrate hypnotherapy into their classes and to expand their therapeutic skill set. This course acknowledges the wide overlap that exists between yoga and hypnotherapy, and how seamlessly hypnosis can be integrated into the pregnancy yoga setting to achieve a therapeutic outcome.
Hypnosis is a completely natural state of absorption or focussed attention (think yoga nidra). During hypnosis we can make helpful suggestions to the unconscious mind to change behaviours, thoughts and sensations during and post hypnosis. Everyone responds uniquely to hypnosis but most describe the experience as deeply relaxing and nurturing.
Research has shown that hypnosis reduces the length of time for active labour for first time mothers and significantly reduces the need for pain relief. It also promotes more spontaneous deliveries and reduces the incidence of post natal depression.
The course will enable you to be an integrative hypnotherapist for birth within a yoga setting. It has been designed and will be taught by Janine Hurley and Lynne Tomlinson, both of whom are hypnotherapists within the NHS. Janine Hurley is also a yoga teacher who delivers the Yogacampus Pregnancy and Baby Yoga and Baby Massage trainings. Janine was also the co- author of the recent Manchester University study on the effects of ante natal yoga on maternal anxiety and depression.
Integrating hypnotherapy into your teaching will be transformative, not just as an aid for birth but also for your general classes. Yoga is hypnotic and by incorporating the finely tuned skills gained through hypnotherapy you can learn to offer students an added extra resource to delve into their intuitive true nature.
For booking please contact Yoga Campus