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Creative Calm Kids

Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training – 3 Day

Creative Calm Studio Children’s Teacher Training is a 3 day training course. This course is open to all yoga teachers and to people with a passionate 2 year consistent yoga practice.

This training will help you translate your knowledge of yoga into a fun creative child-friendly format. We will teach you how to combine yoga postures, breathing and mindfulness techniques with storytelling using themes that can support the national curriculum and a child’s well-being.

​We explore games, song, dance and other forms of creative learning to help increase the overall well being of children.
This course focuses mainly on children aged 3-7 but can be adapted. We also offer CPD’s for older children and teenagers.

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training is run by Janine Hurley, our course director. She has been teaching children for over 20 years & teaching this course for 7 years. She’s a fountain of knowledge!

Course dates  for 2023:

January 6-8

Investment: £550

Tweens Yoga & Mindfulness CPD 2 Day Course

Our Tweens course is a fantastic extra training to add onto your Kids Teacher Training as this CPD focuses on the age group 8-12. We provide you with all the information you’ll need to go and confidently deliver sessions to this age group. Learn how to extend your existing knowledge to the wonderful tweenies through appropriate age postures, partner work, group work, games, themes, mindfulness, pranayama and relaxation.

Course Dates 2022


Next Dates:

Creative Calm Yoga Studio

Please note we will operate the course in line with government COVID guidelines. If we are restricted to meet in person at Creative Calm Studio, then we will see you online on Zoom, real-time with all the exciting in-person teaching.

photos courtesy of one of our graduates – little oms


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