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Janine Hurley

Monday night classes, pregnancy,  baby massage and baby yoga are course bookings only (it fills up quick)
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For more details please email  or drop Janine a text on  07813243283
​Janine first started practicing yoga and mindfulness 18 years ago when she was pregnant with her son. Following her own pregnancy she became passionate about the benefits that yoga and breathwork can bring to pregnant women and help ease the stressful transition into motherhood and beyond. She found that this mindful practice had a transformative effect on all aspects of her life, and soon found herself looking at the world through bright new eyes.
Janine has most recently designed and delivered the successful “Kids Yoga and Mindfulness” teacher training with Chelsea Canovas,  which has received accreditation from The Independent Yoga Network, and also the 200 hour Creative Calm adult Yoga teacher training which sold out this year within a week of publishing dates. She also co-created the country first Childrens Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Lucy Arnsby Wilson
Janine teaches Pregnancy Yoga to Yoga teachers and now her  newly developed modules, integrating hypnotherapy within pregnancy yoga and the popular baby yoga baby massage.
Janine has also trained in general yoga teaching through the British Wheel of Yoga and studied with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli on the Yoga campus Integrated Mother and Baby Yoga teacher training (London, 2007), Yoga Nidra teacher training (Yoga for pain, stress and anxiety) (Stroud, 2012), Pregnancy Yoga teacher training (Manchester, 2010) and the Pregnancy BWY module with Wendy Teasdill (2007). Other trainings include, Nurturing birth doula training, Natal Hypnotherapy for birth professionals, Breast feeding peer support (UNICEF and La Leche training) and Baby Massage (IAIM).also teaching Yoga to teenagers.
She is passionate advocate of yoga, mindfulness  hypnotherapy and trauma therapy  within the community and believes it should be available to all. She has worked in traditionally hard to reach areas and sourced funding from local councils, community projects and Sure Start centres. Janine has commissioned and worked on a variety of NHS funded projects, including working with young mums through the family nurse partnership and consulted on NICE guidelines on obesity in pregnancy. Janine is currently studying a Msc in Trauma Psychology andco-author and research partner in a major study conducted at Manchester University exploring the management of maternal anxiety during pregnancy through the practice of yoga. The findings, recently published show that Yoga lowers stress and anxiety in pregnancy. Now that yoga is evidence based it has opened doors for the NHS to commission more services. Janine’s commitment to hypnotherapy and mindfulness as a way of life means that she is always learning and growing. She’s recently completed a diploma in Integrative Hypnotherapy training at The Christie Hospital and EMDR therapy and coaching with EMDR centre London and Brainspotting.  Janine specializes in trauma based therapy.
Her interests, training and experience now means Janine offers teacher training and consultancy to established teachers and organization within the private and public sector as well as maintaining her roots working therapeutically within the local community. In 2017 She opened the Creative Calm Yoga studio with Karen Hadgett, the ethos of the centre is to provide trauma sensitive yoga classes therapy and training in Prestwich, Manchester.

Karen Hadgett

Karen caught the yoga bug in 1995 when she went to her first yoga class with Christine Howitt at Bodywise in the Manchester Buddhist Centre. She couldn’t believe how stretched and calm she felt afterwards. She continued to practise regularly with Christine, until, feeling drawn to a more dynamic practice, she began to practise Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, moving onto Mysore style practice in Crete with Radha and Pierre. Deciding to deepen her knowledge of yoga, Karen trained as a yoga teacher with Brian Cooper, studying the traditional Ashtanga sequences, with Iyengar influenced alignment and other traditional yoga practices, graduating in 2006.
Karen has also been strongly influenced by the teachings of both Mukunda Stiles and Julie Gudmestad, with their emphasis on pain-free yoga, learning from Mukunda to free the joints and move through the body, and drawing her love of anatomy from Julie’s background in Iyengar yoga and physiotherapy. She continues to attend workshops with a variety of respected yoga teachers, combining the knowledge she has gained into her traditional hatha yoga classes.
She still sees Christine on a regular basis to continually develop her own practise and for her ongoing development as a yoga teacher.
If you work/live in Manchester you will have probably seen Karen cycling around the city as she goes to her many various jobs around town including behind the bar at HOME, spreading the word! In 2017 Karen, along with Janine Hurley opened Creative Calm Yoga Studio to the people of North Manchester. If anyone asks her just how she manages to fit all this into a day her standard answer is…YOGA!!
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Lucy Arnsby Wilson

Yoga Therapy for Children 

I was first introduced to yoga at 1998, at 18 years old, in the New Cross Iyenga Institute in London. At a time of inner turmoil and chaos the practice showed me home. To an inner light I had long forgotten. I left in tears. I had thought the purpose for being in London was to study Psychology so this is what I did finally completing a BSC, MSC and then a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2008. During this time, I also had the fortune of working on a home education program for children with Autism. I learnt so much from them and knew it was imperative that I share yoga with them too. This was because unlike many of the other tools, methodology, theories and programs I had been taught, Yoga started with what was right with them-just as it had reminded me. With little experience but seeing huge potential and possibility in this work, in 2005 I borrowed money to go to New York as had an urgency to study directly with the internationally renowned Sonia Sumar in the Yoga for the Special Child methodology. For many years I worked alongside Sonia and the incredible Jo Manual at the Special Yoga Centre. Additionally, having three pregnancies, births and the blessing of becoming a mother has enriched my yoga practice deeply and led me to have the privilege to study with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli as a student and now collaborating with them on new and exciting projects, especially around the profound gift of Yoga Nidra. There is more of course but if you feel called to know more about this work there is some information at or you could contact me at With great respect and love.

Olivia Rigby

Yoga therapist

My name is Olivia Rigby and I qualified as a Yoga Therapist with the Yoga Biomedical Trust in 2010, having previously mastered the British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma. I am currently registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.
I have been teaching a wide variety of classes in and around the Bury and Greater Manchester area since 2006, as well as providing 1-2-1 sessions in the comfort of your own home. Even in a class situation the focus is on your own individual needs and a wide range of equipment is available in all my classes making postures more comfortable, accessible and enjoyable.
Whether you wish to heal a specific condition, are looking for a healthier way of life, or just simply wanting to improve your sense of wellbeing, Yoga Therapy can help you, whatever your age or lifestyle.
All areas of yoga are covered in the sessions at different times. This includes posture work, breathing exercises, chanting, Yoga Nidra, and especially relaxation. Coming under the generic term of Hatha Yoga, yoga therapy sessions can use aspects from all schools of yoga when relevant and appropriate for the therapeutic advantage of students.
07746197511 –

Ellen Carr

Ellen attended her first Yoga class at the age of 16, and the day after she couldn’t believe how many muscles were screaming at her. After that she dipped in and out of a Yoga practice for several years, until a YouTube Yoga teacher got her hooked on regular practice.
These short daily practices helped Ellen realise she was responsible for her own happiness. As she developed her physical strength and flexibility she also expanded her ideas for what her life could be. Yoga helped her realise she didn’t have to stay stuck in a life that was making her miserable, and she began to take steps to change that. This included doing her 200hr teacher training in Mindful Vinyasa Flow with BeYoga in East Sussex (where she was living at the time).
Since relocating from Brighton to Manchester in 2017 Ellen has developed and expanded her Yoga teaching practice, and continued to make lots of changes to her life. She set up her website Being Changein order to support others in making changes towards living a more holistic life. She shares articles on Yoga and Holistic Living on her blog, and also runs a seasonal podcast Create Shiftwhich aims to inspire, support and encourage others to live their most purposeful and holistic lives.
Seasonal Living is a big part of Ellen’s life, and she always teaches with the Seasons in mind. Ellen is passionate about the science of Ayurveda and is currently doing further training in Yoga, Ayurveda and Holistic Health accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.
Ellen’s classes focus on supporting individuals to re-connect with, and feel good in, their bodies. Her approach draws from Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Biomechanics and Somatics as well as other movement practices. Ellen has completed further training as a Joint, Posture and Alignment specialist with Rehab Yoga and is undertaking Yoga with Resistance Bands Teacher Training with Laurel Beversdorf in May 2019.
As well as teaching weekly classes Ellen offers 1-2-1 sessions, seasonal Yoga & Ayurveda workshops and regular special workshops. Find out more about Ellen at

Justine Wolstenholme

Justine has been practising Yoga for 25 years. She was introduced to yoga by a primary school teaching colleague and can still remember that blissful feeling of stretch and relax that she experienced in her first class. Since then she has learnt from many inspiring teachers, including Christine Howitt and Padmadarshini from Manchester Buddhist Centre and Janine Hurley of Creative Calm in Prestwich. ​She has experienced a variety of types of yoga ranging from high energy and intensity Ashtanga to quiet and grounding Yin. Her personal preference is a calm class which will enable her to enjoy a whole body stretch as well as gentle strengthening, with a focus on connecting to the breath. Justine says: This type of practice enables me to leave my thoughts and stresses behind and find some peace in this busy world. I then feel relaxed, refreshed and generally calmer.
​This is exactly the experience she aims to offer her students. She teaches a gentle, flowing style of Hatha yoga. Her classes encourage students to connect with the breath and the moment, whilst moving through a series of postures, designed to stretch, strengthen and relax the body and calm and still the mind. Her classes promote the beauty and health giving properties of Yoga, are accessible to all bodies and minds and are suitable for complete beginners to experienced yogis. Justine offers teaching which can be adapted to individual students and the message throughout is that yoga is not about how you look, it’s about how it makes you feel!
​And in her own words, Justine describes the effect Yoga has had on her life. Yoga has brought and continues to bring positive benefits to my life; my body, mind, spirit, emotional health and general well-being. It is an honour for me to share my knowledge and experience of Yoga with students and enable them to experience all Yoga has to offer.
Justine trained with Janine Hurley and Chelsea Canovas on Creative Calm’s 200 hour IYN course and has accrued over 200 teaching hours. She recently spent 5 days with Norman Blair on his Yin Yoga, Mind and Meridians Teacher Training course. This has inspired her to add Yin Yoga classes to her student offerings! She is also a children’s Yoga and Mindfulness teacher and offers after school clubs and Yoga for Primary School children in Manchester and Bury Primary Schools.
“I find Justine’s classes are very mindful sessions as well as physical. Even though I am challenging my body I feel very relaxed. It makes me feel at peace with myself.” Student 2017.​