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    Out of the Blue
    Organisations – Individuals – Leaving Service

    Out of the Blue provides high quality bespoke trauma sensitive training for organisations and people working in public health provision and emergency services sector.

    Our staff have years of experience of working in these areas and implicitly understand the stresses and strains of the job. They are skilled in delivering effective well-being services including mindfulness yoga trauma therapies and explaining the neuroscience of stress and trauma.

    ​Participants will learn how to develop life long techniques and self care interventions to calm the nervous system down, feel safe in their own skin and feel the weight lift from their shoulders. 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience mental health problems, however people who work in the emergency services are more likely than this to suffer mental health problems, but are less likely to seek help.

    ​We are in a unique position where we directly understand the pressures and stresses of working in a demanding front line service and therefore can deliver effective and proven training techniques to help promote emotional health and wellbeing.

    Our aim is deliver specialist trauma sensitive training to help bring awareness and alleviate the symptoms for people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or PTSD. All too often people only seek help after their mental health problem have become overwhelming. We will teach relaxation, nervous system education and meditation techniques to help self soothe, which encourages self-reliance, self-efficacy and confidence.

    Ewen Sim is our Blue Light specialist please contact him for any help or guidance for what he can deliver on 07837501766 or fill in the contact form below​: