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Whispers of the Sisters – Space Holder Facilitator Training Online

Are you feeling a bit lost and unsure about your next step of self-development?
Are you a curious soul seeker who inspires others yet need some new insights yourself?
Are you ready for the next big change in knowing more about who you are?”

Discover the power and passion of the divine feminine for your own learning and learn how to facilitate circles. Space holder training begins with entering your own ‘held’ space for inner connection. It is essential to explore being ‘held’ yourself before creating a container for others. Returning to the source for renewal and to receive inspiration to move us towards wholeness.

This is a foundation level training: A sacred circle online.

One Thursday evening 7.00-9.30pm per month duration of training 6 months.

The initiation begins:







The process requires full commitment

Your space holders are experienced facilitators/shamanic practitioners/therapists Chelsea Canovas & Janine Hurley.
We will explore the divine feminine through a pool of archetype, myth and magic.
Your quest is to deep dive into meditation, somatic embodied practice and journaling to unearth what needs to be remembered for your own transformation.
Your commitment is 60 hours total with heart work practice through live attendance and recordings. No assessments or assignments



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