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Creative Calm Studio presents 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Here at Creative Calm Yoga Studio, we are super excited to develop CREATIVE trauma sensitive yoga teachers who are not just carbon copies of each other! Yoga Teacher Training Manchester is in person at our Prestwich Yoga Studio

Our Yoga Teacher Training is a 300 hour course, accredited with IYN. The training is one Saturday a month over 18 months This timeframe gives you time to fully deep dive & embody all that you learn. We may also consider a Friday monthly training in the near future. Please contact us if this is something you are interested in.

So if you think that perhaps you don’t fit into the stereotypical mold of a ‘would-be yoga teacher’, then look no further.
Yoga teaching is about opening your heart and sharing the gifts of yoga with sensitivity and awareness, rather than fitting into a prosaic, prototype of perfection as depicted on the front of some yoga magazines.

​We want independent, creative people to teach yoga in an authentic way that is not just focused on physical posture & ‘perfect’ body image. Our course will include a great deal of self-development and self-enquiry so that your heart will shine through your teaching.

Course modules will include:

  • Embodied Anatomy & Physiology
  • History of Yoga & Vedanta Philosophy
  • Raja Yoga (Meditation & Concentration)
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Trauma sensitive training methods
  • Hatha Yoga (Asana & Pranayama)
  • Other branches of Yoga to explore
  • Relaxation techniques/Yoga Nidra
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Integrating Pregnancy & postnatal students into a general class
  • Professionalism of Yoga Teaching
  • Lesson Planning
  • Class Management
  • Teaching and learning styles (NLP & the power of the voice)
  • Holding space & developing yoga community
  • Health & Safety
  • Marketing & business

​The training days will be supported by home study.

The course will draw upon our extensive 30 years plus combined teaching and tutoring experience of Yoga & Mindfulness through a somatic lens. You will be encouraged to develop creativity in your teaching style so that you continually develop, nourish and grow yourself as a practitioner as well as a Yoga Teacher. The course is co-created by studio owners Janine Hurley and Karen Hadgett. Karen will be your lead teacher and will host guest teachers delivering their field of expertise.

The cost of the 300 hour (contact hours plus home study) is £2650, an initial £500 deposit will secure your place (non-refundable) the remainder of the course fee – £2,150 is available to pay monthly by standing order (monthly payments of £281.25  include an admin fee).

You will be encouraged to begin teaching during the course so that we can offer support on the training.  We ask that you have been regularly practising yoga for 2 years, so that you feel you have a good ground-base to begin your training.
If you are interested in joining us on the course, let us know as soon as possible as we expecting the course to book up and we are limiting numbers to 14 per course.


Dates for 2022-23
 8 Oct    5 Nov   3 Dec
14 Jan   11 Feb   11 Mar   22 April   13 May   10 June   1 July 29 July  16 Sept   14 Oct   11 Nov    2 Dec
13 Jan   10 Feb  16 Mar